Victory Through Air Power
Victory Through Air Power
Character information
Directed by Perce Pearce
Animated Sequences
James Algar
Clyde Geronimi
Jack Kinney
de Seversky scenes
H.C. Potter
Produced by Walt Disney
Written by Story direction
Perce Pearce
Story adaptation
T. Hee
Erdman Penner
William Cottrell
James Brodero
George Stallings
Jose Rodriguez
Based on Victory Through Air Power
by Maj. Alexander P. Seversky
Production Company Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date July 17, 1943
Running time 70 minutes
Budget $788,000
Box office $799,000
Victory Through Air Power is a 1943 Walt Disney Technicolor animated feature film based on the 1942 book Victory Through Air Power by Alexander P. de Seversky. De Seversky appeared in the film, an unusual departure from the Disney animated feature films of the time.